Most designers can make a webpage pretty, most developers can code it to work.
I will make sure we reach your goals.
I've worked with over 100 brands, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. The most successful companies have a strong foundation. Decisions are always made customer-first.
Together we'll deep dive into your eCommerce business in 3 ways:
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Understand Your Customers
  • What are their desires?
  • What holds them back from buying?
  • What triggers them to buy?
  • Why are they buying from your competitors?
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Understand Your Product
  • What has been working, what hasn't?
  • Do customers understand your products' features?
  • How is your pricing?
  • How are your competitors doing?
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Understand Your Digital Presence
  • How is your site experience and design?
  • How do your emails look?
  • How is your Amazon Marketplace business doing?
If you have any doubts about your business, let's take some time to analyze. We'll look at your data and brand story to find creative solutions. I can work with you on your brand strategy, design, development, integration and offer post-launch support.
Selected brands I've worked with:

I'm here to help you!
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